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What are Magnet Schools?

Magnet Schools are public schools of choice. Magnet schools are visionary, innovative and open to students regardless of zip code. Every magnet school has a special theme that makes it unique from other schools. A Magnet education offers  specialized curricula developed and aligned to the school’s theme with student activities designed to promote excellence in all aspects of school and the greater community. Currently funded magnet schools integrate enriching themes  into all academic subjects and school activities. Magnet schools are designed to attract students of all backgrounds who are looking for a specialized academic experience.

Magnet Schools are New York City public schools that receive additional funding from the federal government to implement an innovative and themed curriculum, develop creative partnerships for learning and actively encourage family and community participation. Funding enriches academic activities by supporting school trips, additional supplies, partnerships, and special programs as well as professional development for teachers and workshops for parents. Magnet Schools offer challenging interdisciplinary academic experiences designed to engage, inspire and motivate students to achieve. All magnet schools engage in project-based learning and integrate real-world educational experiences into their curricula. A Magnet Education integrates the social, emotional, mental well-being of students to prepare them as  lifelong learners and future leaders. 

Applications for District 32 Magnet School

For Kindergarten, please register through the NYCDOE MySchools Portal ↗️

For Grades 1 through 5, complete the application below
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