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Dual Language Program

Dual Language

The goal of our dual language program is to provide instruction in English and Spanish  that supports students in becoming biliterate, bilingual and bicultural with the long term goal of becoming global citizens. 
Bilingual Proficiency: The primary goal of a dual language program is to develop students' proficiency in both languages. By being proficient in multiple languages, students gain a competitive edge in a globalized world, enhancing their career opportunities and cultural understanding.
Biliteracy: Dual language programs strive to help students become literate in both languages, enabling them to read, write, and communicate effectively in different contexts.
Cultural Awareness: Learning in both languages exposes students to the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and English-speaking regions. They gain an understanding of different customs, traditions, and ways of life.​
What will the dual language classroom look and sound like?
Teachers adhere to language of the day. Students can express themselves in their language but are encouraged to use the day’s targeted language.