Introducing New Principal IA, Julia Hynes!

principal Ms. Hynes

Dear PS 145 Community,                                                                                                           

I am honored to be the new principal of PS 145. I am happy to join such a welcoming community with such great students. I have been an educator for 13 years in Brooklyn schools. I began as an English as a New Language (ENL) teacher in East New York. I was a classroom teacher in Sunset Park.  I served as an instructional coach for the schools in District 32. I supported teachers and school leaders with improving the quality of their math instruction.  I also worked with other educators teaching and learning in the face of COVID-19. I have supported teachers and school leaders with the application of new practices.  I love books and theater. I saw PS 145’s The Lion King Kids Musical last year, I knew this was the place for me!

 I know that working together, we will be able to provide our students with the support they need to achieve excellence. I look forward to getting to know you and work with you to give our students a memorable school year. Please know that my virtual door is always open. 


Julia Hynes


Estimada comunidad de PS 145:

Soy la nueva directora de la EP 145. Me siento afortunada de ser parte de esta gran comunidad.  Vengo a EP 145 después de 13 años de trabajar como educadora en las escuelas de Brooklyn. Comencé  como maestra de inglés como nuevo idioma (ENL) en el estado de Nueva York. Tabaje con estudiantes aprendiendo el idioma inglés. Trabaje como maestra de clase en Sunset Park. Durante los últimos años, he servido como entrenadora de instrucción para las escuelas en el Distrito 32, principalmente apoyando a maestros y líderes escolares para mejorar la enseñanza de matemáticas. Más recientemente, trabajé con otros educadores en la enseñanza y el aprendizaje frente a COVID-19 y el aprendizaje remoto, y he apoyado a maestros y líderes escolares en el distrito con la  implementación de nuevas prácticas y plataformas digitales. Me encantan los libros y el teatro. Cuando vi la producción de "Lion King Kids Musical" de PS 145, ¡Supe que era el lugar para mí!

El próximo año escolar contamos con su colaboración para darle a nuestros estudiantes el apoyo que necesitan para lograr la excelencia. Espero conocerlos y esperamos brindarle a nuestros estudiantes un año memorable. Mi puerta virtual siempre está abierta.


Julia Hynes

Our Shared Mission

Every student at PS 145K will receive a solid foundation for learning through high quality, standards-based instruction.  We will build a community of learners where all faculty, staff, students, and parents are actively engaged in the educational process.  Critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration will be developed through daily access to rigorous curricula across all content areas. We will create a positive, supportive educational environment that will develop lifelong learners, ready to be productive members of our global society.

Back to School Important Information

Wednesday, September 16 thru Friday, September 18, 2020 

  • Class Orientation
  • All students will:
    • Meet their teacher
    • Meet their classmates
    • Know the health and safety

Monday, September 21, 2020 

  • Full-day teaching and learning begins
    • Students in blended learning (a combination of in-person and remote) will begin to report to buildings.
    • See your group calendar.
    • Students in 100% remote learning will all begin full-day learning

Prepare iPads for the First Day of School

For anyone who has a DOE-loaned iPad, we have some important updates for you. It is essential that you take the actions below to ensure your child’s iPad is ready for use for return to school. The first day of school is only a few weeks away, and all students will be working remotely for at least a few days a week. Your child will need their iPad to be ready for learning for the fall. Please note that when we have other updates, we will send messages to you and your iPad on Thursdays, and we will let your schools know about the updates.

To prepare, you MUST:

● Turn on the iPad - some iPads have not been turned on all summer. We need you to charge and power up the iPad.

● Turn Airplane Mode on and off to reset your internet connection

  • Go to Settings

  • Find the Airplane Mode button

  • Turn Airplane Mode on for ten seconds (button turns green)

  • Turn Airplane Mode off and wait until the iPad reconnects to the internet

  • You will see the connected icon at the top of the screen

  • Go to to make sure your iPad is connected to the internet. All DOE-loaned iPads have internet access.

● Return to the main screen and sign into Zscaler in order to ensure your child is using the internet with all the safety the DOE requires and protect your child. You will need your child’s account. Once you get that please follow these directions:

  • On the main screen, click the Zscaler icon. After clicking the icon, you will be taken to the login page.

  • Enter your child’s @nycstudent account (only use the student’s username and password, no need to include @nycstudents to log in), then click the “sign in” button.

  • Click on the "allow" button and wait one minute for a connection to be established until you will see the Zscaler screen

  • Once the connection is secure, close the app

  • That is it. You can use the iPad normally now.

● Sign into the Learn at Home App To get ready for the first day of school, make connecting to learning and support much easier for your child, and allow you to get notifications on the iPad:

  • Find the Learn at Home icon on the main screen on the iPad

  • Log in the same way you did for Zscaler, using the same account (only use the student’s username and password, no need to include @nycstudents to log in)

  • From the Learn at Home app your child can access TeachHub, Google Classroom and get help.



iPads are now a hotpsot


Your child’s iPad is now a hotspot that allows you to connect other devices used for remote learning to the internet. It is easy:

● Go to Settings

● Find Personal Hotspot and click to take you to the login screen

● Select Allow Others to Join

● Devices other students in your house are using for remote learning can be added to that connection

● As a reminder, as with the iPad itself, the hotspot connection is to be used only to access remote learning activities. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Summer Challenges and Virtual Field Trips from the DOE

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Check out this page for some exciting virtual field trips you can do at home, including:

  • Expressing yourself through dance or song
  • Creating a picture of yourself in Minecraft
  • A backyard bird scavenger hunt
  • "Augmented Reality" (AR) workshops (for students in grades 9-12)
  • And much more!

Attention Families of 2020 Graduates

Please note that all senior dues from the 2019-2020 school year will be returned to students once school reopens in September.  If you have a question or concern, please reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Arlene Alamo. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



We Miss You, We Love You...Can't Wait To See You Again Jaguars!

  • Learning Preference Form

    If you are choosing Full-time Remote Learning, please complete this Learning Preference Form as soon as possible. 


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